Moo.WP Renamed

Beginning next week (hopefully), moo.wp will be archived and a new release will present itself. As of this new release moo.wp will now be known and WP-JStoolkit. This coincides with the restructuring of the moo.fx family into mootools. New features other than containing the modular mootools, will include a wp-jstoolkit.js which is editable from the admin panel. What mootools brings to the table now is a completely modular, and lightweight javascript toolkit. In previous versions of moo.fx and family, there was a dependency on prototype or prototype.lite, now mootools is completely independent of prototype, but can accept prototype style commands to retain backward compatibility. Previously when moo.wp was released, mootools was still having some compatibility issues, now it seems to be fully functional, and therefore warrants inclusion.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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