I’ll be gone for the next few days on a trip out to Utah any comments will not be responded to until I return. Do note that for Breadcrumb Navigation XT the following issues have come to my attention and they will be addressed when I return:

  • Sub-category pages may not work as expected, this really is not a bug, but the manner that it works right now may be confusing and/or not what is wanted. This will most likely be addressed when WordPress 2.3 support is implemented due to changes in what categories are supposed to be used as (virtual folders verses tags).
  • Attachment pages probably cause problems for the breadcrumb. Since it seems attachment type posts/pages are broken on my blog and testbed blog, I am at a loss as what to do about this right now. The problems I am experiencing may or may not be a WordPress bug, and thus I need to look into it more thoroughly.

Additionally, any comments made may ‘disappear’ or not appear to post at all. This is due to Spam Karma 2 and the database server timing out. Most of these are recoverable, so watch for them to appear when I get back, otherwise repost them when I am back.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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