MPAA are Hypocrites, Oh Really?

So a day after news started spreading of a horrible virus running-a-muck and I said that there could be a link to media organizations. This link may not exist, but something better has come up. Kirby Dick submitted his film This Film Is Not Yet Rated to the MPAA with an e-mail ordering them to not make copies of his documentary. While rating the film the MPAA has admitted to making copies for its employees to watch.

Nothing seems wrong with this right? No, even if I believe that copying should be fine, the MPAA doesn’t share these views on the subject and is actively attempting to force others to conform to their views. We already know that the media is a bunch of hypocrites and this only goes to further prove this fact. But, we now have precedent, “MPAA officials did this with Kirby Dick’s film, so why can’t I for archiving purposes?” is a valid argument due to their own example. Now, if they used something on the lines of DVD Decrypter or DeCSS they would be in trouble with their own DMCA law.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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