The Empire Strikes Again: Declares War on Teens

The Empire, err Trade Federation (RIAA), is at it again. This time they are sending their troops of layers to get the 14 year old Brittany Chan. After a judge ruled that Brittany’s mother was not to be held accountable, the Empire is now attempting to force the state to assign Brittany a legal guardian to represent her in court. The Empire claims that Brittany used the family computer to download and distribute some 829 MP3s on an unnamed peer-2-peer network.

The legitimacy of the Empire is diminishing and the true qualities of its monopoly are becoming evident. A good question for the Empire is whether or not a trade federation is allowed to act on behalf of its members and sue its potential customers? When a company becomes out of touch with its customers, usually the company goes bankrupt. However, when the ‘individual’ companies band together to form an Empire, they become the sole provider of content to their market. And, therefore enjoy a monopoly over their content’s market. Once the Empire is the sole provider of content, it goes around and marauds its customers and gets away with it.

What happened to the customer is all ways right? The customer no longer has a choice, that is what happened. Competition is good for the customer; monopolies are bad, especially informal monopolies.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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