Microsoft gives the ‘ok’ to kill legacy input devices

According to the latest Longhorn requirements, keyboards and mice must not connect to the pc via PS/2 or Serial ports, and the BIOS must automatically support USB keyboards and mice. The document has some more interesting information. All monitors will have to be at the 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios, and connect to the PC via DVI rather than d-sub. The 32bit system BIOS will have to support frame buffers of over 256MB for graphics accelerators, and a 64bit system BIOS will have to support at least 4GB dedicated RAM for graphic accelerators. USB 2.0 ports, and several of them, including a manditory 2 in the front make the list, along with manditory DVD Burners, S/PDIF out with support for 7.1 channels, and Gigabit ethernet, or 802.11 g/a support.

DEV-INP-02 New! Physically removable keyboards and mice connect to the PC by means other than PS/2 or the Serial (RS232) port
Externally attached (that is, physically removable) keyboards and mice must not use PS/2 or Serial (RS232) port for connectivity with the PC.

There is no decision for minimum CPU or memory, but I’m guessing a 32bit system will have to have a 3Ghz processor and 4GB DDR2 ram. 64bit systems will have to be at least a dual core 2.8Ghz chip with at least ~6GB of DDR2 memory. These are my estimates for a desktop pc, for a laptop, a Pentium M compatible, 2GHz ish processor (Dual core will probably required also) with about 2GB memory.

Longhorn better be something spectacular if all this stuff that MS is pushing for is actually needed.

-John Havlik

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The Bill Album a gift for the opening of Paris Hilton’s club?

Well I received an e-mail today, even though it was sent on the 21st, which figures since I’ve checked my e-mail only today and I think Monday so yeah. This is the message I received:

I’m seeking Matthew Petty, presumably the author of the Bill Album. I’m seeking his permission to include them in a mix cd to be given out as a party favor at Paris Hilton’s club opening July 4th in Miami.

Thank you


Mark Hopkins
IS Director

Well I gave him some contact information to get a hold of Petty, but as it turns out Petty and I will be out of town all of next week, well leaving on Sunday, and returning on the second of July. So I guess we’ll have to send permission blindly, but that really doesn’t matter since the Bill Album is a not for profit kind of thingy.

Oh yeah go check out Jmweirick’s blog, it finally has the new skin applied, and is looking good.

-John Havlik

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Apple Makes the Switch

To what? To Intel/x86 based CPUs. Within 2 years, Apple will have completely dumped the IBM/Motorola PowerPC chip architecture. I though they (Apple) are evil. They were, but now they aren’t. Why? With Apple now using Intel chips, Intel will have to become more creative and actually produce much better chips than what they have been producing. Besides, Apple does have a better sense of design than Dell.

-John Havlik

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FireFox Ads…

Supposedly, some time a week ago Mozilla Europe launched a few FireFox promotional videos, which have spread ‘like wildfire’ on the net. According to ZDnet UK by the end of the weekend there were 300,000 hits, and close to 500,000 hits by Tuesday.

Mozilla EU didn’t have the money, at least not yet, to put the ads on TV so they are relying on word of mouth and the massive e-mail chain to spread the adds like wildfire.

Check them out here

-John Havlik

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