Emersion Into PHP

After finishing my school work, I went to work on improving CribSense. My current implementation of CribSense on my blog is an old ‘build’ something around the lines of build 0005, while the current alpha is build 0014. Currently I’ve replace just about all of the original PHP code in preparation for plug-in integration into WordPress. Once all of the work that I can do without a MySQL database and WordPress installation is finished I’ll begin testing WordPress integration. I will open the code to the world for testing in a public beta some time shortly afterwards. Currently I need to finish some xHtml work so that I have the form needed for password override, which will work on the lines of “iif you are logged-in, you aren’t evil and are exempt from the IP ban”. Later on I will add a ‘learning’ ability to CribSense which will allow it to quick ban (1 day or less duration) any IP that sends more than three comments that are considered spam by Spam Karma or Bad Behavior or end up in moderation.

Right now I’m doing a test with build 0005 on this blog to see if the spammer that I mentioned in the previous post has given up on my blog yet or not. If so I can set-up some automatic removal of IPs so that legitimate users are protected better than just though the account method.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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