Mischievous Microsoft

So today I was looking at my website’s logs to check on any suspicious traffic that I may be receiving. It seems that something like 20 visitors a day are now claiming to arrive here by searching for Havlik in one of the major three search engines. I have never had that much traffic for that keyword, which instantly rose a red flag.

Digging further into the logs, I discovered a true gem. It looks like Microsoft is resorting to referrer spam for their Live search engine. How do I know? It’s fairly simple.

First, why in the world would my blog be on the first page of search results for the following terms: standards, WordPress, scripts, or university? Sure the referrer field is spoofed for these. But, many spammers do that, how can I link this to Microsoft? Easy, IP addresses. Why are users of Microsoft Corporate IP space (,,,, or to be exact) using Internet Explorer 7 and spoofing their referrer field? Anyone have an answers to this? Feel free to comment.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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