New Breed of Spambot?

According to the maintainer of Spam Karma in his latest blog entry, a new breed of spam bot has emerged and has been released in the last few days. This new spam bot uses somewhat more intelligent behavior and can get past Spam Karma 2 sometimes. Bad Behavior, the spam protection that I use, isn’t very effective against these bots, which I can attest to since I had swarms of spams queuing up for moderation beginning last Friday.

It seems that there is an update coming to Bad Behavior which may end up stopping these new bots, but it won’t be available until Bad Behavior 2 arrives sometime this year. Michael Hampton, Bad Behavior’s maintainer has released an alpha but it will be some time before a final release will arrive. If you wish to speed the release of Bad Behavior 2 please donate to his paypal account, his laptop died on the third of January and he doesn’t have the cash to repair/replace it.

Here is the link: Michael Hampton’s Blog

Here is the link: Dr Dave: The State of Spam [Karma]

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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