13,000 Hits; 10,000 Users in 60 Days

In the time since I’ve had stattraq tracking hits and such on my site, I have had over 13,000 hits and 10,000 ‘unique’ users. I just thought that was interesting. I’ve been meaning to update for some time but haven’t gotten around to it. The poll that I have running is in a four way tie, and has been tied ever since the second vote, I guess no one has the same opinion on the topic.

I promise that by the end of the month I will have the site looking good on Internet Explorer 6. And by that I mean anything that I can do without breaking the experience for those who use standards compliant Mozilla/5.0 compatible browsers such as, Firefox, Safari, and Konqueror.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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