An Oddity

In the Computer Science/Electrical Engineering building at the University of Minnesota, there are several computer labs, some run windows, others “UNIX”. These “UNIX” labs consist of Sun workstations (with the odd keyboard, not sure if they are SPARC or Opteron based). Instead of running Solaris or Open Solaris, both closer to being “true” UNIX distributions, they run Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux distribution, not a UNIX distribution. Heck, GNU is a recursive acronym that stands for “GNU Not UNIX”. Yes, it is UNIX-like but it is still very different in a theological sense. The oddest thing they did with Ubuntu is to use the Gnome login manager, but they aren’t using Gnome as the desktop manager, instead they are using the stupid desktop manager built into X server. EMACS and g++ are the ‘tools’ that are to be used in the class. Today, however nano replaced EMACS in one’s group. Mozilla wouldn’t launch on any of the terminals, so links2 was substituted in one’s group. Everyone else just complained and twiddled their thumbs as the Internet wasn’t ‘available’ for them to complete their lab.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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