Apple Makes the Switch

To what? To Intel/x86 based CPUs. Within 2 years, Apple will have completely dumped the IBM/Motorola PowerPC chip architecture. I though they (Apple) are evil. They were, but now they aren’t. Why? With Apple now using Intel chips, Intel will have to become more creative and actually produce much better chips than what they have been producing. Besides, Apple does have a better sense of design than Dell.

-John Havlik

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4 thoughts on “Apple Makes the Switch

  1. 1. Apple is still evil, because the Intel move is a carefully calculated move to ensure full DRM in the upcoming iFlicks (all of that is speculation)

    2. I’m not sure I get what you mean by this sentence: “With Apple now using Intel chips, Intel will have to become more creative and actually produce much better chips then what they have been producing to satisfy Apple.” Please explain, because it looks as if your controdicting yourself by saying that Intel will have more freedom by not producing to satisfy Apple because Apple is now using their chips?

    3. Bittorent

    BTW: Since I don’t have a copy of this file, I’m not pirating nor am I encouraging piracy by informing individuals of the location of a not-so-legal file.

  2. Ok, what I ment there is that Apple will have demands, which Intel will have to fulfill. Apple should have some sort of high expectations of Intel for good, and innovative chips, otherwise it makes Apple look more of a fool then it already is. But anyways Intel’s next Pentium D processors will be one of the most innovative chips that they have released in a while, the Prescott processors sucked in all ways possible, except maybe the SSE3 extensions. The cancelation of Tejas really pissed me off, and the fact that Intel can’t get their desktop heat issue under controol also pisses me off, and the fact that roughly the same core that is in my box right now will be what is in my next bot that i’ll build next spring just seems odd. But right no Intel’s streak of bad luck and crappy results from processors seems to be comming to an end with the death of that horrible NetBurst mArchetecture.

    also I have the DVD decrypter installer for and when I wrote the post I was the only sorce on G2 for the file, now there are 50 or so all with the same bitprint as mine has.

  3. No, the AMD 64 X2 chips are the most innovative on the market, not crappy Pentium D. Also according to Engadget, AMD is planning on having quad-core chips out by 2007, about the same time that Apple will be finishing the move to Intel x86.

  4. Didn’t you read, the NEXT PENTIUM D chips, aka not hte Smithfeild core ones that are out now, but the ones comming out in a few months. The AMD Athlon 64 X2 is no different in innovation sence from the Pentium D, except for the fact that it uses a technologically superior buss system that accomidates for multiple cores more efficiently then the Intel FSB method, but AMD has used this since the early Athlon 64 processors, so that is nothing new. Both the X2 and the Pentium D ‘Smithfeild’ chips are only two ‘previous’ generation cores sandwitched onto one chip.

    Who ever said Intel won’t be to quad core before 2007? by 2006 the entire NetBurst mess will be overwith and so will it’s ridiculously underperforming per clock cycle and heat production ways.

    Remember I have connections into Intel, and Intel Israel has been making allot of phone calls to my contact about certian issues that they were having ;)

    Also the current belief that the Pentium M archetecture was created in Israel is mostlikely untrue due to the fact that Intel does little to no R&D outside of its Oregon plant/facility.

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