Back In Action

Been out of town for the last six days, and now I’m trying to catch back up with every day things. Two weeks ago I received a postcard from the U explaining that they still hadn’t received my final High School transcript. Since I was out of town, I had to have someone call the school on my behalf to find out why the U hadn’t received my transcript yet. As of last Monday, Chaska High School was just beginning to send out final transcripts. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Up at the camp that I was at, I had to wear a name tag since I am now a troop leader. Somehow the person making the tags misspelled my last name, replacing the ‘v’ with a ‘u’. Making appropriate changes to the tag, my new name read ‘Ale K. Haulik’. Upon returning home and inspecting my diploma, which arrived in the mail, I noticed that they misspelled my last name; they reversed the ‘l’ and ‘v’. I’ll have to call up the district to get that fixed.

Hopefully in the next two weeks I can make some real headway in getting the new website implemented in the new online test bed. This comes as the second most important thing to get done other than the endless pile of thank you cards that I have to finish.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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