Building KDE 3.4

Well since about 9:00 pm last night my Gentoo 2005.1 server has been compiling KDE 3.4.1. I though that the kernel taking about two to three hours was long until I compiled Xorg-x11 which took something like three to five hours. Now KDE is officially the longest compiling thing I’ve compiled. It’s at about 19 hours in and still compiling, I expect it to complete by tomorrow morning. The next program to emerge after KDE is all up and running is TightVNC and then Apache, MySQL and PHP.

I had a problem with Xorg-x11 before, it kept crashing but that is because I have an entirely USB system that I’m installing it on. It had issues finding my Microsoft USB optical mouse, yeah I know MS and Linux don’t really go together, but I have several just laying around not in use. I had to manually configure the mouse and screen resolution and then x11 worked.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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  1. it took more than 30hrs to compile the barebones for KDE, it’s now a split ebuild so i have more compileing that i could do, but i’m going to get other things compiled and working first.

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