Gentoo 2005.1 Yippy!

Gentoo 2005.1 was released earlier this week and for the first time the Gentoo Linux project has a true livecd. In this livecd (which is still a ‘beta’ level release.) a Gentoo environment loads with X and the Gnome interface. Along with the Gnome environment there is a gtk based installer included in with the livecd and is fully functional within the Gnome environment, allowing an semi automated installation while still word processing and or web browsing, which in the windowed mode helps getting the required information for the installer, yes it was possible before but this is so much cooler.

The gimp is being well, a gimp on my computer. It has a problem that when it is instructed to create a new file it will ‘crash’ well at least Windows thinks it has crashed and comes up with the ‘this program has crashed, windows killed it, tell Microsoft about it’ dialogue. This is strange because I can open existing files and do all the manipulation that I want, but the second I go to make a new file, *bam*, the stupid MS dialogue pops up and kills the gimp.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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