Gentoo 2006.0, Hip Hip Hooray!

Now that pesky, fast running Linux distribution finally has a proper installation program and LiveCD. I had tested the 2005.1 LiveCD installer, which always seemed to forget to compile everything, but it did a nice job at doing some little stupid things, like USE flags, which I used to get mtekktux up and running with the aid of the Gentoo Handbook and an ‘install’ CD. I will be testing 2006.0 on mtekktux2 (same hardware as mtekktux but a 866Mhz instead of a 800Mhz) and mtekktux3 (my old system, well a combination of various ones but will have 512Mb ram, 1Ghz P3, and dedicated graphics), in doing so I’ll set up a DistCC compiler farm to aid the compilation of software such as KDE and Open Office which take forever to compile on a single 800Mhz box. Mtekktux may end up running with MythTV on top of Gentoo for a media center computer mod that I am planning. Mtekktux2 is mainly for NAT and will serve as my RADIUS server.

I am also working on a mockup web 2.0 style layout for the main page, just to see what it could look like, I’m planning to send it to JD once I get it completed, probably a week of work left, since I’m fairly busy right now.

Here is the link: Gentoo Linux

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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