Goals, Week 2

Since I managed to complete the four goals I set out to do last week, I’m creating the list again for this week.

  1. Complete custom post type support in Breadcrumb NavXT. The testbed and cases are ready, the initial code it there. I just need to finish it up. This may be a two week goal due to the amount of work required. (done)
  2. Create a screencast that demonstrates the work flow of WP Lynx. Last week this didn’t make the list, but was something I wanted to get done. (Can’t seem to get audio to work correctly.)
  3. Clean up the code to Quick Key NavXT and submit it to the WordPress.org plugins database. This was something I wrote a long time ago and never released. It was inspired by an idea from Charles Stricklin when he was still doing the WordPress community podcast.(Cleaned up, available here)
  4. Run at least 3 times this week. Last week I did it, time to repeat. (done)

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

6 thoughts on “Goals, Week 2

  1. Run in the morning, if you can. I find it’s much easier to get the workout in at that time rather than trying in the afternoon/evening.

    • I try to run in the morning on Saturdays and the Fridays I have off, doesn’t always work as I tend to sleep in too late (something that can be fixed I just need to develop a habit of getting up early). I think this past Saturday was the first time I was able to get a run in before 10AM. I’d need to get up earlier to get a run in before work.

      -John Havlik

  2. John: This must be a good summer for running :-). This morning I started training with a buddy to help him on his Airforce fitness tests, so far so good! We’re planning on a similar schedule to yours: 3 days a week.

    Charlie: mornings are definitely a great time for running!

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