Goals, Week 3

Another week, another set of goals. Last week I was not able to get the screen casting software to work correctly on my laptop, hence no WP Lynx screen cast. The problem is in the audio, it skips over words and syllables, making it very difficult to understand. So that’s scrapped for the moment.

  1. Document the WP Lynx settings page. The WP Lynx documentation will be split between settings documentation and tutorials. For the tutorials I want to have screen casts as an integral part of them, so those will be delayed a bit. (Done)
  2. Begin work on my presentation for WordCamp MSP, the topic I have in mind should not be time sensitive. (Done)
  3. Keep up my 3x a week running schedule, maybe up it 4x a week. (Done)

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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