Goals, Week 4

While productive, the last two weeks have been filled with a ton of maintenance related work. I have done some work on the theme for this blog, database cleanup, and various behind the scenes things for Weblogs.sc. Combining these with trying to catch up from vacation, it hasn’t been a quiet few weeks. But now, it’s time for weekly goals again.

  1. Complete the outline for my presentation for WordCamp MSP.
  2. Get Breadcrumb NavXT 3.6.0 ready for translators. Right now I’m aiming for August 23rd as the release date.
  3. Run at least 3 times this week. Since a hilarious (when looking back on it) crash on my mountain bike on July 4th, I have not been keeping up on my running routine. It’s time to change that.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

2 thoughts on “Goals, Week 4

    • Heh, things have sort of calmed down. Too bad the weather did not cooperate this week (way too hot/humid out plus the ton of rain we received). It looks like the next week will be nice though, 70’s for a high, and not as humid. I didn’t get the 3X running in due to the weather and a few other things (well I still could have done it if I hadn’t gone to the county fair last night). And, I didn’t mention that I sent my s90 out for repair. It came back on Monday, so that night was spent fiddling around with it, checking if everything was working correctly.

      The bike accident is definitely one of those things I’m surprised I didn’t get more hurt. Only an abrasion on my leg (on the shin) from the chain sprocket and a scrape just above my elbow on my forearm. The abrasion is what kept me from running (a fun scab where it formed underneath a few layers of skin, and hurt when I walked). Besides a few scrapes on the bike, the only thing that broke was the front reflector (no clue why that broke).

      -John Havlik

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