Graduation Season

Know thy audience. Any good speaker will follow this fundamental rule of speech presentation. When the rule is broken, members of the audience may become disengaged or even disgruntled. On Friday, one attended the graduation ceremony for Chaska High School’s class of 2008–the little brother graduated. The second student speaker broke this fundamental rule. This student claimed a fellow graduating student made electronic devices which no one in the audience could figure out.

“I beg to differ,” slipped from my lips. Not in cockiness, but in confidence that I could reverse engineer any of the student’s gadgets within a few hours. With over 600 students graduating, there is a good chance I was not the only one capable of this ‘impossible’ feat. Turns out, according to a graduate, the gadgets were not so amazing.

Funny enough, other speakers reminisced on the football victory over a local rival in the fall of 2005. This happened to be when they were all sophomores, and few—if any—were actually on the team that played. The team comprised mostly of seniors, class of 2006, and juniors, class of 2007. Ever since that win, Chaska has yet to come close to beating that rival. One would guess they are too busy living in the past. No worries though, starting in the fall of 2009, Chaska can share its bottom position in the conference with Chanhassen which is getting its own high school for the sole purpose of sports (one voted against it, as any responsible person would).

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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