It’s June Already

In one week, one full year will have passed since I graduated from Chaska. One year ago today (well the first Friday after Memorial Day), I competed in the final track and field meet of my High School career. Due to the events that took place during the last day of school last year, this next week at Chaska High School they are taking ‘extra’ precautions.

These include Monday being the last full day of school with two half days remaining. Since there is no lunch for the last two days, no recreations of the ‘infamous’ end of the year food fight from last year can occur. Read this as the administration neither trusts its student body, nor respects them. Adding to the unusualness of the week, during the last two half days no students are allowed to posses backpacks in the school. This obviously is aimed at reducing the senior pranks, such as last year’s releasing of pidgins in the main corridor. Other pranks involving marbles which ‘forced’ the lock down and subsequent early dismissal of students on the last day of school last year. I am glad that I graduated last year as I do not have to put up with what the current students do.

In other news I just upgraded my Pentium 4 2.0Ghz to a 3.0Ghz with Hyper Threading and 800Mhz FSB. That needs to do a burn in so that the Artic Silver 5 transfers the optimal thermal transfer. The added 1 Ghz does allot for Gentoo, even though things were fine before, emerging software is much faster now, and I also guess I compiled my kernel with smp support at it recognizes two logical processors.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

3 thoughts on “It’s June Already

  1. The prior FSB was 400MHz, so double the bus, now my graphics card is what holds everything back, then will be the HD and memory (I’ll do some tests but I can probably nearly double my memory bandwidth if I take out a GB of it or replace the one 512MiB DDR266 stick with a 512MiB DDR400 stick). It’s no Core 2 Duo, but it’ll hold me over for a while. I’ll probably do one more round of upgrades to it (memory and graphics card) and then it shall stay in that condition for the remainder of it’s ‘life’ which will end up being a Gentoo workstation as it has been for the last three weeks or so.

  2. Very cool. My friend Kevin is waiting for the Quad core prices to get slashed July 22nd. I believe the low end Intel quad core will hit $212-$222 which is a pretty sweet price for that much processing power IMHO.

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