iWood Nano

So I don’t like apple products, and in particular their deceiving advertisements. However, I have to hand it to them, they do know style. Now, iPods don’t have the best audio quality for output, I know from experience, but one cool thing I found for them is a fully wooden case.

The case is carved from solid blocks of various hard woods with interesting grains including maple, mahogany, pear, weng, and walnut. Personally, I like the look of the maple, pear, and walnut. The cases include a single hole for your earbuds to connect in while the case is closed. With the case open, you can also connect the data link cable into it as well.

I came across this and thought it was cool. In fact, I am somewhat inspired. Maybe I’ll make an oak or maple case or stand for my Zen micro—who knows? I’m already planning to make a Plexiglas stand/cradle for it in my truck. This wood one would look cool on my desk, and possibly other wood mods, *cough* speakers *cough*.

-John Havlik

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