Mike Hatch Hates The First Amendment?

After Minnesota’s anti-game law was found unconstitutional, the state attorney general guaranteed that he’ll waste more taxpayer’s money. Hatch plans to do this by fighting the court’s decision. Similar cases failed in other states, wasting the local taxpayer’s money. Speculation arises about Hatches motivation for defending the dubious law. November may have something to do with it, along with Hatch’s campaign for governor.

The law that was to take effect today forbade the acquisition of Mature or Adult Only rated games by persons under the age of 17. Fining consumers 25USD for every infraction rather than the vendor created a unique enforcement situation. According to Senator Sandra Pappas (DFL, District 65), the law was never intended to be enforced, but rather a way to get the attention of parents. Paul Smith, of the Entertainment Merchants Association, reports that lawmakers know that they are passing laws with marginal constitutionality, and yet that doesn’t seem to deter them. Various online forum threads buzz with a calling for lawmaker responsibility. Many overlook the upcoming election as an opportunity of forcing politicians to be responsible, by voting for the opponents of those deemed irresponsible. Various political theories suggest reasons behind this activity, and its merits and faults but that’s another day’s story. This November I’m voting, are you?

-John Havlik

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