As with school tradition, today being the last day of school, many seniors partook in multiple ‘pranks’ on the school and other students. Driving into the parking lot seemed as if one were driving into a prison, police all over the place and ‘hall monitors’ everywhere. Holding a pair of binoculars was the parking lot attendant as if she was expecting someone to commit a deviant act. School proceeded as usual. Between first and second block someone, once again, thought that stink bombs in school are a great prank.

During first block I learned that one of the plots a friend of mine had concocted was foiled by his own stupidity. The original plan involved 1,500 marbles; he put them in a shoe box and expected to be able to just walk right into school. This may have worked any other day, but not today. The hall monitor at the entrance demanded to know what the box contained. Being a little slow on his feet, he claimed they were cupcakes. Long story short, they confiscated his marbles.

Rumors of a ‘planned’ food fight during first lunch spread like wildfire through the hallways. The fight took place, and word has it that the entire cafeteria was arranged with the teachers in the middle, a non-typical arrangement of monitoring. Supposedly, an alt school kid started it by throwing food at a teacher. Aftermath of the fight was the entire inside cafeteria area was closed for the other lunch periods, and our lunch period was shortened by ten minutes. Eating lunch outside seemed as if we were in a prison with at least twenty personal constantly monitoring us.

For AP Physics, during fourth block, we went outside to perform the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment. Several other fun flying objects that related to what we studied last week were brought along. At approximately 2:45pm several students exited the building, visible to us in the nearby lacrosse field. Apparently the administration decided to shutdown the main hallway due to a suspicion of a prank involving marbles being dropped off of the second story on to the first floor. It was interesting getting back into the school to get our backpacks.

To top this all off, there were at least three pigeons released inside the school today.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

One thought on “Overreaction

  1. I love reading your weblog, and especially this post about your last day of high school! You are coming down the path of life just about fifty years behind me, but with almost exactly the same hopes and dreams that I had, and the same love for techy things.

    There was one senior prank at my high school, and I was the author of it. I pursuaded all of my classmates, about 120 seniors, to bring wind-up alarm clocks to school, and set them all for 10 AM and lock them inside their lockers.

    Promptly at 10 AM the entire corridor with the senior lockers began ringing, and it took the administration a while to figure it out. They came along with a master key, and opened all the lockers one by one, and removed the clocks and put them in a big bin. Then they assembled the seniors in the gym, and held the clocks up in the middle of the gym floor, one at a time, for us to walk across the floor and reclaim them.

    We had fun and they enjoyed making us stand up in front of the whole class, one at a time.

    Anyway, congratulations on finishing high school. What a milestone!

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