Stability Issues

Well mtekkxpathlon is having stability issues, or at least had some yesterday. I think I found the problem this morning. At first I though it might have been the driver for the built in ATA RAID, but this morning I couldn’t get XP to boot so I tried to reinstall it, I thought the MBR on the hard drive could have corrupted itself during the several crashes. After XP would lock up during the first phases of installation, still in no situation to make choices on the drive path, etc. I removed one of the sticks of DDR ram, happened to the older stick that I was suspicious of, and windows booted, faster than before, windows said that the crashes were caused by a RAM issue, so that is solved. Now I have six sticks of RAM, five SDRAM, one DDR RAM with Micron Technologies chips on them that have gone bad. This particular one was made only weeks after my original Micron PC133 stick in mtekkxp. I have had nothing but bad luck with some of this micron memory, which is a shame since they used to be an excellent company.

I know this is an illegitimate update, I promise a review of Songbird .1 sometime this weekend, that is once I am sure my computer is stable.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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