StatTraq: WordPress Stats Plug-In

Ok so I’ve installed a nice little page stats plug-in for WordPress to mainly explore whom from my area are visiting my blog and which pages. This was mainly to see the impact of having several links to my blog from the CHS Podcast website. Strange things have appeared such as Yahoo, Google, and MSN search engine bots visit very frequently, approximately three times a day. To me this seems very odd but at least I know that my site is being indexed. It is amusing to see some of the search terms people use and some how make it to my site. My favorite has to be the Google search for “healthy socks” that some how linked to me. It is also interesting that there is a lynx user that has visited my site twice.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

2 thoughts on “StatTraq: WordPress Stats Plug-In

  1. I remember when I used to have stats on my weblog. I used to get hits from my one mispelling of firefox as firfox. I don’t have stats anymore. I figure that helps me to better focus on my writing.

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