Super Fat Tuesday

If it weren’t an election year it’d just be Fat Tuesday. What does that make tomorrow? Ash Wednesday, of course.

I’d touch on some politics (with specifics) in the spirit of the day, but it seems thanks to a current candidate such rants could fall under some sort of ‘illegal’ category. Thus, one will resort to a guided vagueness. Something to do with campaign financing or something like that. Let’s just say it’d be a cold day in hell before I’d vote for that individual, who like most of his party seem more focused on staying in office than actually sticking to their principles. Without principles what distinguishes the two parties? Nothing. When you become more focused on keeping power than serving the people your usefulness to the populous dwindles on the verge of nothingness.

Voters should (re)read some of the great 20th century science-fiction books about dystopian societies. Then take a look at the current crop of candidates. Look at the supposed desires of the people. Where are we headed? Which book captures our future the best? In which book do the people feel only pleasure? Do you want a world as depicted in that book?

What is a common theme in all of these dystopias? Big government? Loss of rights (including the right to feelings and thought)? An overwhelming proportion of the populous not caring, or are too inept to acknowledge the deficiencies in their surroundings. Trusting the Media constitutes a fair chunk of the problem. It also presents a catch 22, is it possible to verify the claims made by one outlet with those made by another? If they differ which is correct? If they do not differ what stops them from distorting the truth for their own gain?

We live in a world of relatives. Even worse, in our relative wold the desirable and undesirable ends of the spectrum are not always obvious. Accurately discerning the desirability of a position depends on the input from our surroundings. Should our surroundings be manipulated into an artificial state in which the apparently obvious choice of desirability contradicts what is actually desirable we may foolishly define a state that is truly not desirable as desirable. Resolving this logical conflict is not straight forward. And, truth be told, it may not be possible.

Yeah, it’s a homework filled Mardi Gras, and this had nothing to do with school work.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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