The List

Ok, so Christmas is coming up, and they say it’s better to give than receive. If you feel so inclined, you can get your favorite WordPress plug-in author (and second favorite administrator) anything from the following list:

  • Creative Labs X-FI Extreme Gamer sound card (or equivalent, but not the Extreme Audio as it doesn’t have the X-FI chipset). (Newegg is probably the best place to find these at a good price)
  • Geforce 7600 AGP (or better equivalent Nvidia chipset AGP graphics card, remember ATI and Linux still get along together as well as cats and water). (Ebay seems to have a ton of Geforce 7800GS AGP cards for descent prices if one is resourceful)
  • Anything on my main Amazon wish list
  • Anything on my Amazon books wish list additionally any good book on wxWidgets or AJAX (Yeah I know two completely different topics).
  • Something for a MITX system (this is the board I’m contemplating getting). I already have the wifi card, tv tuner, hard drive, and optical drive (need the processor (Some 800Mhz bus Core 2 Duo, preferably 2.0Ghz or faster), memory (at least 2GB) and motherboard).
  • Anything that will come in handy for case modding (aluminum sheet, blue LEDs (3 and 5 mm varieties), orange/amber LEDs (3 and 5 mm varieties), capacitance based touch switch (Such as the Quantum q-tuch QT100 evaluation kit), charcoal/smoke colored transparent acrylic/lexan.)

Yeah, I realize most of these things are expensive. It’s that kind of year, my mp3 player is dieing (more specifically the on/off switch is failing) and I’m running on mostly 3 year old computer equipment which will require at least upgrading the graphics card to play new games (CoD4 should still run with my 9600 but at unacceptable frame rates, and Crysis is a no-go).

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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