The Time Has Come: AoE3 Coming Soon!

Finally, a sequel to the Age of Empires series from Ensemble Studios. The eye candy spin-off, Age of Mythology, was cool, but it was not Age of Empires—it did look oh-so-cool graphics wise and was fun to play, but AoM has a limit to the number of towers and ‘castle’ structures that you can build and you can’t build a town center just anywhere on the map as in AoE.

The biggest problem with AoE II is that its graphics are dated to say the least. Plus some features didn’t make the final cut due to system requirements, this time they seem to have done it right. Supposedly, you’ll need a 1.4 GHz processor with 256MB ram and 64mb vram, plus hard drive space and etc. The demo is available right now at

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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