Utter Waste

You’d think that 1,048,576 unique IP addresses would be good for a school district that has less than 50,000 students. What am I talking about? A certain IT staff at a particular school district decided that the entire district would run under a Class A IP addressing scheme. 16,777,215 is the number of IP addresses that are able to be on a Class A network. A Class B addressing scheme would better suit the school’s network as on a single IP network in this scheme can support 65,534 hosts, and using routers to route between multiple networks up to 1,048,576 IP addresses are available. Network security comes to mind, along with overkill as one looks at the addressing scheme this particular district uses. Security threats come from the shear number of IP addresses that aren’t used and could be assigned, inadvertently to a network intruder.

So what does this tell about this school district’s IT staff? Shouting,”We are unqualified!” doesn’t quite satisfy the blatant acts of stupidity that they commit. They place Websense in a transparent proxy setup to hamper most attempts around it and then step up the number of categories that Websense blocks. They install bloat ware, real-time virus scanners (they are justifiable since we are talking about computer access for idiots that click on everything they see.), and monitoring software so that they can spy and mess around with our sessions as they wish. I’m ecstatic that only three days remain in which I will have to use their pitiful network.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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