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Washington DC’s lawyers in a case defending the city’s unconstitutional handgun ban, claim that the scope of the second amendment of the constitution doesn’t apply to individuals. They cite that it is only for the use in militias. The problem with this defense is the wording of the second amendment explicitly states “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Nowhere with in this statement does it imply that it only applies to militiamen. Two parts of this statement are being confused and one homogeneous statement. By the way this amendment is worded; the first part only provides reasoning behind the need of the other part. What isn’t said is that the first part is the sole reason, nor the limiting reason for individuals to keep armaments. Most will try to convince that eliminating guns will eliminate crime, ask Speaker of the House Elect Nancy Pelosi. She has always supported gun restrictions and the abolishment of the second amendment. Pelosi will cite her firm belief that eliminating guns will decrease crime. Sadly, ignorance overcomes most politicians, and many cities in the USA stand as a testament to this. The very city that has imposed a complete ban on all handguns has one of the highest crime rates as a result. Where is the logic here?

Reading on Digg, and the comments represent a surprise to one. For such a liberal site the number pro-gun ownership comments is overwhelming. Where’s Pelosi’s party members, did they betray her? Most likely not, as Pelosi is one of the most out of line politicians in Washington right now, not to say that some conservatives aren’t out of line as well. The majority of the arguments against the second amendment are poorly formed, and in most cases by Europeans. For some reason the ‘all mighty’ Europeans on Digg still fail to conform to their policies of tolerance. By now all Europeans should understand the differences in American thinking, and accept that our thinking has lead to our dominance in the world. Instead they view us still as the disobedient colony that needs to be taught a lesson, and people in our own country believe the same. They can’t fathom the fact that we actually enjoy freedoms, rights, and gun ownership. Then they make the bold statement of labeling the USA as a dystopia, ironically no book on dystopian societies even mention the possession of weapons by the suppressed citizens.

Here is the link: Washington Post

-John Havlik

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