Western Digital Class Action Lawsuit

Today Western Digital e-mailed me about an impending class action lawsuit that is trying to change the way hard disk manufacturers market their drives. If Western Digital loses the case, Orin Safier v. Western Digital Corporation, I am entitled to free hard drive back-up and recovery software from Western Digital. What seems odd is why software for a flawed marketing technique that all hard drive manufactures use? Anyone who purchased an “aftermarket”(AKA retail) hard drive from March 22, 2001 to February 15, 2006 is entitled to this settlement if WDC loses the case. That means my WD2000JB hard drive qualifies.

In order to receive the e-mail you must have a qualifying product which is registered. I need to find my serial number to confirm the claim, though this may be a good thing since even though it seems that this is valid, and I do trust Western Digital. But, thunderbird did think that it may be a phishing scheme. So I tried an HTTPS connection to the site, which did work. I also tried the URL on their other domain name and it worked again, so I believe it should be a valid event. Besides, what worth are hard drive serial numbers anyways? Especially since all my drives are registered to my account. This page is not linked to in their site for some reason, which it should be, so this is the main reason I think it could be a phishing program candidate.

Here’s the link: Western Digital Settlement Information (HTML, Secure Connection)

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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