YaCy: P2P Google Rival?

I think I’ve stumbled across this site before, but today someone who visited my blog some how ‘found’ my blog through it. It’s still a proof of concept in the parts that work and it is missing many results that are findable from Google but I expect that to change over time with the addition of more peers and the implementation of a crawler. The interesting thing is that YaCy doesn’t use a crawler (yet), instead it implements a proxy caching of sites that YaCy users search and browse. This partially implements my idea for the TGG query response caching, which has been implemented in various Gnutella clients already, though not to the TGG GASSPS specs.

Here is the link: YaCy Homepage

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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  1. Meanwhile YaCy has also a built-in web crawler, and crawls can also be made collaborative (one peer starts and distributes parts of the URL-list to be crawled by other peers).

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