Crysis Warhead

The only game one received this Christmas was Crysis Warhead. This covers Sgt. Skyes’ (Psycho) journey during the events of Crysis. Like Crysis, the graphics are amazing, even in super low settings. However, you never do interact with Nomad, as in Crysis, which is a letdown. The expansion, if you could call it that (Crysis Warhead does not require Crysis to be installed or even a CD key for Crysis), is more polished than Crysis.

Ammo is automatically picked up, previously it had to be manually grabbed. Ammo is abundant, in Normal difficulty one never found oneself out of ammo while trying to fend off enemies. Unlike Crysis, when you encounter the aliens you have an effective weapon to fight them (the Gauss Rifle). In Crysis you had a shotgun or FY71 (possibly a SMG or Scar but usually there is not enough Scar ammo around and the SMG is less effective than the shotgun and FY71) which are not nearly as effective. New weapons and vehicles are nice. The ASV Armored, basically a HUMVEE with heavy armor and usually come equipped with an anti-vehicle machine gun. This easily tears through the normal HUMVEE like vehicles the Koreans have and the transport trucks.

Landmines are an addition that seemed geared more towards multiplayer game play. The Claymore anti-personal and the anti-tank mine were only available in the multiplayer mode of Crysis. In reality, though available, there really are no places effectively to set traps with mines. Sure, playing with the Claymores was fun, but not as fun as simply running down or sniping enemies. Not once in the campaign did one use the anti-tank mines. There simply was not a good area to deploy them. Again, in multiplayer mode the mines are much more useful.

The FGL40, a grenade launcher with a six shooter style magazine, is perfect against groups of Koreans or Aliens, but not effective against tanks or large aliens. The AY69, a “micro machine gun”, is a fully automatic pistol that can be dual-wielded. It is one’s favorite weapon now. It packs a much harder punch than the normal pistols. With 40 rounds in each gun, you can empty 80 rounds into a group of enemies without reloading. For short range fighting, the dual-wielded AY69 is the best weapon choice. Not only is the dual-wielded AY69 effective against Koreans, it also makes short work out of those small pesky aliens as well. Simple rule of thumb, for your side arm, always duel-wield the AY69.

Crysis Warhead is short, on Normal mode, one beat the game in about 8 hours. One did not try to beat the game as fast as possible, nor did one take the “scenic route”. And, by no means is one a “hardcore gamer”. That said, it is very entertaining. Ideally, it could be three times longer if they added in the interactions with Nomad and expanded the story a bit more. Now, if they would only make an “expansion” tracing the actions of Prophet.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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