The Crysis is Over

The graphics were awesome (even at low settings), the campaign was fairly quick moving and in a very linear fashion in most cases, but the ending came abruptly. Anyone who after playing the campaign doesn’t think a Crysis 2 is in the works is a little dense.

As in halo, the first set of enemies were fun to kill (in this case the North Koreans) as they liked to use provocative language and curse at the player, even if they couldn’t see him. The second set, those pesky aliens (in Halo I do not like the flood that much), were a pain though the gauss gun makes quick work of them (grabbing the smaller ones is equally effective). And a word to the wise, even though I was able to play Crysis on my P4 3.0Ghz, 1.5GiB RAM, Geforce 6600GT computer, I would not recommend doing it on equivalent hardware. Additionally, I would not recommend running on anything less than 1.5GiB of RAM as Crysis was eating a full GiB on my machine. The game itself never crashed once, a first for me with a sub minimum spec computer.

Multiplayer looks cool, but I’m not going to even try until I get some new hardware. Until then, 2142 and CoD4 will have to do.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]