Three Down, One to Go

This week has been stressful, from being completely lost during physics to two tests today that should have been easy became difficult and annoying. Finally, it is all over as today was the last day of the quarter for students, only one left in my high school career.

The only non-school/track related activity that I’ve partaken in this week has been trying to get my Motorola RAZR V3c to connect/sync with my computer. Of course, since Verizon has Vcast and their music store, they’ve tried to disable computer syncing with my phone. That means I need to hack the firmware to do what I want to do, or try a Bluetooth hack between my dad’s Treo 700w and my RAZR V3c, if it works I should be able to use Bluetooth to transfer content off and onto my RAZR’s memory. Phones when connected via USB should be seen by the OS as a USB mass storage device, such as a thumb drive, just as all mp3 players should aswell.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]