One Of Those Days

It’s been one of those days, it didn’t start all that bad, but the little things that go one just build up. This track season has been mediocre at best for me, which is annoying me to death. I’m just not as fast as I should be, and some of those who are able to achieve the levels of performance that they, and I, should be at have become arrogant. In general their arrogance has become irritating. I found out that I won’t be competing on Friday, which means that I won’t compete for two weeks, as the competition I could participate in next week is on Thursday, which I will be on a road trip down to Texas for the Jeeper’s Jamboree.

One of the two fans mounted in the heatsink for my 200GB hard drive is going bad and is generating noises off and on. The AC in my truck isn’t working correctly; it probably needs to be recharged since we didn’t put enough R-134a in when we replaced the compressor. Someone also told me that they are still getting errors when they try to post comments on my blog, which I fixed earlier, or so I though. The next two weeks are going to be hell as AP testing begins, I have the AP Calculus BC exam in one week, and the second week I have three exams.

Besides these problems, it looks like the standard RPC Ping method of displaying blog updates for on the front page won’t provide enough information for what the new desired look is. This means I need to do additional coding to make a received RPC Ping prompt a script to read the RSS feed from the blog and extract the information that we need for the front page. There has to be a better way of doing it, but right now it’s the only way I can think of that impacts existing blogs the least, since no additional code is needed for the individual blog. If any one knows of code that already does this, has a better idea, or is able to write this in PHP, then please leave a comment.

PS: I have a semi-working alpha of the new frontpage located on my blog at so check it out.

-John Havlik

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Orin Safier v. Western Digital Corporation

After reading the complaint that was filed, I feel that the plaintiff is a serious prick, and because of that I will have my own little rebuttal.

Yes, the ICE does now want us to use MiB and GiB instead of MB and GB when referring to the base two system (binary). The plaintiff fails to acknowledge that the current system, using SI prefixes, is actually incorrect as it does not follow the SI rules of a strictly base ten system. Therefore, when hard drive manufactures claim that a hard drive holds 200 GB they mean, in accordance to the SI rules, that it equals 200×10^9 bytes, not 200×2^30 bytes which is 200 GiB. Yes the standards should be enforced, but don’t sue hard drive manufactures for adhering to the SI standard instead of the incorrect usage.

In reality, it is every one else’s fault for not changing binary ratings to the MiB/GiB terminology, this includes CDs, RAM and other solid state memories, CPU caches, Video memory, Windows, and just about every other piece of software. The plaintiff incorrectly assumes that the common use of MB and GB are the correct use. This is not true, why do you think DVD media is measured in MB/GB based on the SI standards of a base 10 system? I say that everyone else needs to get their butts in gear, on either adding that all important separating ‘i’ or face lawsuits from idiotic consumers.

Today I wish that I hadn’t thrown away the paper insert to the plastic packaging to my 200 GB (I’m referring to the proper SI use (200×10^9 bytes)) hard drive, which clearly stated on the package that 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes on the packaging. This is clearly telling the consumer that they are using the SI standard, not the common and incorrect usage.

Part 56 of the complaint is invalid. Especially since this person is claiming that this problem is only for retail units, not OEM, which carry no such warning since it isn’t printed on the label on the drive cover itself. As for part 57, this is true to an extent since the manufactures to use some slight rounding so that we aren’t buying 200.047001600 GB (base 10) hard drives, which is the case for my drive, and is actually in my favor. And, that invalidates part 58 of the claim, since in my case they understated the size of the drive. I have also invalidated part 60-65, I really could have saved WD’s butt on this one, if only I could find that all-important slip of paper-stock.

My last major point is that it is a hard drive industry standard that they use the SI base 10 units instead of the incorrect binary usage. As-long-as I remember the hard drive industry has always used the correct SI usage for MB/GB, this goes back to 10MB hard drives; so that was way back in the early 90’s, late 80’s. If a consumer doesn’t know this because of their own ignorance, that is their own fault. Also, if they don’t understand this they shouldn’t be purchasing computer storage products anyways. Instead, they should pay someone, who actually possess half a brain, to do it for them. To further rub this in, I have had numerous clients that know the exact same thing as I do about the rated capacities and factor that in. Though, it really doesn’t matter since every manufacturer uses the same rating system, unlike Intel and AMD, so you can compare apples with apples, the exact opposite of what the plaintiff claims.

It looks like WD agrees with me, but it looks like they are settling out of court to get the person to shut up. Though they are admitting to not advertising that they use the proper use of GB and MB on their packaging, which I know they had done when I purchased my drive.

Here is the link: Western Digital’s brief ISO preliminary approval (HTML, Secure Connection)

Here is the link: Plaintiff’s Compalaint (PDF, Secure Connection)

-John Havlik

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RIAA Music Sales Down Again

Five years ago, well make it six, the economy, Napster and music industry reached its peak. Then all hell broke loose, the industry became greedy and shut down Napster, and then the economy tanked. Who’s to blame? Naturally the RIAA/industry is to blame, but not according to the industry. When your sales are down 50% since your peak in 1999 you naturally blame the customer, since they are never correct. Nor do the consumers know what is good for them; since they aren’t buying your product. Could it possibly be that the RIAA is suing its consumers? Or is it because they place DRM and copyright protection on their CDs? Possibly that Sony slip-up (the rootkit that infested numerous computers and is prone to viruses) is to blame for the majority of consumer’s rightful distrust of the RIAA monopoly. Just maybe the lack of quality is driving consumers to stop buying the “product” all together?

“File sharing and p2p networks are to blame!” This is a blatant lie. RIAA officials still claim that p2p is the reason their sales are down. Well here’s some news, p2p traffic between August and October dropped 11 percent.

So go on, share and download all the music that you want to. Most importantly do not buy a CD from an RIAA artist this Christmas season. Visit RIAA Radar and make sure the CD isn’t an inferior RIAA product.

-John Havlik

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Catholic School Cracks Down on Blogging: WTF?

Well it seems that a certain principal (Fr Kieran McHugh) of a certain Catholic High School (Pope John XIII Regional High School) in New Jersey has decided that blogging is inappropriate for school age persons. This would be perfectly fine if the principle was talking about blogging using the schools equipment, but if this was true why would I be writing/blogging about it? EXACTLY! It turns out that the principal threatened to suspend and/or expel any student that has a blog. After hearing this some concerned blogger who attends the school posted in his blog that “pope john kicks you out once you think freely”. Once the school administration found the comment on the internet they expelled the student.

First off even though the school is a private institution they are not allowed to infringe on another person’s rights to preserve their own. Therefore the school should be shut down by the federal government for the restriction of the first amendment. But the fact of the matter is that since it is a private school one is not required to attend that particular school. In the United States we have a particularly good public education system, well at least in my area, in which those whom want to do well are able to learn far more then in the local privatized institutions, and those whom are inclined to work at McDonalds for the rest of the lives are allowed to pursue their own destiny with out holding the more determined students back due to their lack of determination. The school brings up a good point in which I made a while back about blogging, blogging is cool and can be used to replace a hard-copy journal but posting too much personal information on your blog, including address, phone number, picture containing oneself and/or family/friends, and your full name are all not very smart things to do. In my case I post my full name to maintain my claim for the name/word mtekk and the ‘m’ logo which are both my intellectual property.

One has to be smart while blogging, if a teacher can google for your name and find your blog within the top ten google results and then find a picture of you, or enough information that directly links you to your blog then you may be giving out too much information. In my case my blog, mtekk’s crib, happens to be the first result in google when searching for John Havlik and with a little research in my blog and in google results will turn up my state and the city in which I live. My age isn’t too difficult to figure out from previous blog entries and my interests well that one isn’t too hard to figure out, well some of them at least. The thing is that you don’t want to mess with me on the street, let alone try to break into my house. First off I can and will out run you on the street; second I can and will severally injure you in self defense; third I have several guns, including shotguns, with plenty of ammunition to break through even military grade body armor and I’m a excellent shot. Not only those but I’ve other ‘tricks’ up my sleeve to avoid abductors. I post no pictures of myself for obvious reasons, and the internet contains no picture of me. As for many people at my school the same cannot be said, even you-knew-who falls under the category of those whom share too much private information on her “blog” though she is too ignorant to comprehend that it is in fact a blog and what she is doing is blogging not xangaing, which degusts me.

Here is the link: Daily Record – Blogging Ban

-John Havlik

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