New Mockup Mockup 2 rev 1I finished the second mockup for the new front page, and in the forums everyone seems to love it, so I will modify the code that I’ve already written and finish up coding the new front page. Hopefully I will have a no-thrills xHtml/CSS layout done by the end of the week, with XJAX implementation by the end of next week, and then the backend stuff should be worked on by the next. If all goes well, can have a May first reload, which is common on the internet. But that is assuming that I can get time to get the coding done ahead of schedule, which should be no problem until I hit the AJAX and PHP coding.

In other news, today we had a track meet, not the nicest weather to run in but not terrible. Wind made our times suffer, and I have yet to PR this season. Yesterday the two motherboards that were sent to Gigabyte for RMA service finally arrived back after being gone for 30 days. A chip supposedly had to be replaced, which made it take forever. I wasn’t able to see exactly what chip it was, but I’m guessing it was located near one of the PCI Express 1x slots, since on both boards the chip looked newer than the rest. The computers went back together in about 35 minutes each, and booted correctly on the first attempt. Meanwhile, I made a copy of all the music videos that I have on my hard drive for a friend, which took exactly 10GiB, three DVD4.5 GB disks (two full ones and 1.5GiB on the other), I only need 14 more videos to total 200 music videos in my collection.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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