Going Gold

Finally, (almost) a week later than anticipated, RPC Heir (build 114) and RPC Rub (build 86) are good-to-go. RPC Heir’s (testable) bugs have been eliminated, which took a bit of work fixing up lastRSS to test and eliminate. However, RPC Rub behaved as expected easing that testing process. Note that there is still a ‘bug’ involved with RPC Rub’s JavaScript. This however is a “GUI” bug that won’t be noticed by most users. The long-awaited zip files should be available shortly on the WP RPC Utilities page. Have fun and enjoy.

What this means for the progress of the Weblogs.us website is that we could launch Monday. lCards won’t make the launch, and it’s better that way as more data is needed to implement it correctly.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

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