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In the past few weeks, several individuals have come forward expressing interest in being able to have alternate titles for certain breadcrumbs in the breadcrumb trail. The idea is to bring support for what the All in One SEO plugin does for menus into Breadcrumb NavXT. An example provided by one user sums this up nicely:

Example of current breadcrumb:
Home > Full Listing of Services > Dentistry Services for a Beautiful New Smile > Get a brand new smile

Need the breadcrumb to look like:
Home > Services > Dentistry > Get a brand new smile

Since this involves building a bridge between Breadcrumb NavXT and All in One SEO, these features will be built into a supplemental plugin for Breadcrumb NavXT. Naturally, to make this possible, there is a little bit of work that must be done to Breadcrumb NavXT itself. Essentially, a filter or two needs to be added. The requisite filters will exist in the next release of Breadcrumb NavXT, 3.8.0 (more on this will come later this week).

Development work on the supplemental plugin will begin midway through the 3.8.0 development cycle. Initial alphas and betas will be available only to the email work-group (see next paragraph for details). A public release will be available after the release of 3.8.0.

Everyone interested in this should send me an email using the gmail/jabber address on the contact page of this site. Just note that, code wise, the address is scrambled so you will have to type it in rather than copy and paste. This work-group of interested individuals/organizations will help with testing and steering the direction of this supplement to Breadcrumb NavXT.

To read more on this discussion see the comments section of the Breadcrumb NavXT Documentation.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]

4 thoughts on “SEO Extras for Breadcrumb NavXT

  1. Hi John – is this still something that’s in the works? I’ve spent the better part of a day trying to hack this directly into your plug-in myself, and I just don’t have the skills to make it happen (I’m not sure how hard it should be, but I do know my skills are not that great :) ). Anyone using the SEO all-in-one pack will get a ton of value out of this if it’s released!

    • Paul,

      It is still in the works. However, I had a project come up (with a previous client) that received priority. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will get very far on this until late June. I have another, high priority project that is due by the end of the month.

      -John Havlik

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