Conditional Permutation Evaluator


This program will calculate the truth table (permutation output) for a series of conditional permutations. The standard permutation dictionary has already been loaded, but you may supplement it as you see fit. Note that while dictionary entries can have names with multiple charactors, if you plan on having conditional permutations with combined permutation terms (e.g. A'D), you should keep the dictionary names to single charactors in lenght.

The number of variables (e.g. x, y, z, etc.) in the conditional permutation sequence is limited to the recursive function limit of the PHP install (typically under 50). Variable names may be longer than one charactor. Note that inputs must be of only one variable per conditional permutation (e.g. {x: A, *} is valid, {(x'y): A, *} is invalid and (x'y) will be treated as a single variable independent of x and y).


The permutation dictionary is only necessary if you use something like {x: A, *} in your conditional permutations. Note that * must be defined as (1 1 1 1 1)


xy f(x,y) End Permutation
0 0 112534A'
0 1 112534A'
1 0 112534A'
1 1 011111*