WP Lynx

Sick of the same old boring links? Want to mimic Facebook’s wall links in your WordPress posts? WP Lynx allows you to do just that.

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Download
  3. Installation
  4. Basic Usage
  5. Advanced Usage
  6. Version History and Changelog
  7. License


WP Lynx is a WordPress plugin compatible with WordPress versions 2.9 and up. This plugin allows you to create stylized links akin to those in Facebook. These stylized links, known as lynx prints, can contain a thumbnail image of any of the images on the linked page, plus a short excerpt from the page. The images are automatically cached on your server (no hot-linking), and the content is intelligently scraped. Below is an example of a lynx print.

WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform http://wordpress.orgWordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.


Latest Stable Release: WP Lynx 1.0.0

Latest Testing Release: WP Lynx SVN Trunk


  1. Download the plugin zip archive, see Download section.
  2. Disable any previous version of this plugin.
  3. Extract the contents of the zip archive into your plugins folder (wp-content/plugins).
  4. Enable the WP Lynx plugin in the administration panel under the Plugins > Installed section.
  5. Continue onto the Basic Usage section, or follow instructions given by your theme (if applicable).

Basic Usage

Using WP Lynx is very simple. Just start a new post or page (or edit an existing post or page) and click on the “Add Lynx Print” button next to other WordPress media buttons.

Now enter the URL to the website or page that you want to link to. Hit the enter key to begin fetching the Lynx Print. After the Lynx Print has loaded, and the Enter URL field clears, you may enter another URL to fetch. After the pages have been retrieved you should have something similar to the picture above. The pictures are changeable, just use the arrows to thumb through the available pictures. The same goes for the text field, which you may manually edit or thumb through some preselected paragraphs from the linked site.

When you are ready to insert a Link Print, just click the “Insert Into Post” button (or the “Insert into post” button at the bottom to insert multiple Link Prints simultaneously). Pressing the “Insert Into Post” button for a specific Lynx Print will send that Lynx Print to the post, leaving the others in the Lynx Print manager. These will remain until they are either deleted (using the “Delete” button) or the page is reloaded. If you go to the HTML tab in the editor you’ll see that WP Lynx generates pure HTML. This gives the user full control over their Link Prints.

Advanced Usage

Examples on some advanced usage situations are available in the documentation.

Version History and Changelog

  • 1.1.0 [11-23-2015]:
    New feature: Added “Get” button to Lynx Print modal.
    New feature: Migrated to WordPress.org Language Pack compatible textdomain.
    Bug fix: Moved away from deprecated media_buttons_context filter.
    Bug fix: Fixed issue where the user specified Lynx Print template was not being used when inserting Lynx Prints.
    Bug fix: Added workaround for servers that by default send images with transport compression.
    Bug fix: Fixed issue with adding Lynx Prints when there is more than one editor field.
  • 1.0.0 [9-20-2014]:
    Behavior change: Requires PHP 5.3 or newer.
    Behavior change: Requires WordPress 3.8 or newer.
    New feature: New Lynx Print adding interface, a la the new media interface in WordPress 3.5.
    New feature: Allow users to configure number of redirects followed by the scaping engine.
    New feature: Migrate to the latest mtekk_adminKit.
    New feature: Reorganized/written core plugin files.
    New feature: Include minified scripts and styles for non-development environments, see SCRIPT_DEBUG.
    Bug fix: Added workaround which should make it difficult for new Lynx Prints to be inserted within existing Lynx Prints in a post.
  • 0.6.0 [4-20-2013]:
    New feature: Added support for site thumbnails using Snapito!
    New feature: Migrated to latest mtekk_adminKit, brings new tab style to settings page.
    New feature: Simplified and reorganized the settings page.
    Bug fix: Fixed some PHP warnings from llynx_scrape when the scraped site did not behave as expected.
    Bug fix: Fixed PHP warnings from llynx_scrape when the site contains img tags without src fields.
  • 0.5.0 [5-28-2012]:
    New feature: Support for Open Graph protocol og:image and og:description.
    New feature: Added a warning message on the Lynx Print adding screen alerting to thumbnails being disabled due to directory permission issues.
    Bug fix: Improved content scraping algorithms to handle newlines in odd places (mid tag).
    Bug fix: Fixed issue with the Show/Hide links not working correctly.
  • 0.4.0 [4-08-2012]:
    Behavior change: Improved content filtering, should reduce the chances that garbage is selected as paragraph stubs.
    Behavior change: Included style is now a separate CSS file rather than an inline CSS file.
    Behavior change: Import/Export/Reset tab moved under the admin bar Help menu.
    New feature: More useful Help menu, utilizing the new WordPress 3.3 Help menu.
    Bug fix: Tabs on the settings page are now rounded for all “modern” browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and IE9.
    Bug fix: Tabs on the settings page are now remembered between setting saves (including multiple saves from within the same tab).
  • 0.3.0 [2-25-2011]:
    New feature: Templated Lynx Prints now available.
    New feature: Tinyurl URL shortening now available.
    New feature: TinyMCE button added when in full screen editing mode.
    New feature: Added Help tab to Lynx Print adding screen.
    New feature: Any whitespace character may be used to separate multiple URLs.
    Bug fix: Fixed issue where PHP warnings would arise if the remote server did not return the expected data range.
    Bug fix: Permissions issues for the WordPress Upload directory are handled more gracefully.
  • 0.2.1 [11-4-2010]:
    Bug fix: Installer now works properly for first time users.
  • 0.2.0 [9-27-2010]:
    New feature: Lynx Prints are now styled in the WordPress visual editor.
    New feature: Users are now warned if settings are out of date, allowed to do a one click settings migration.
    New feature: Can now undo setting saves, resets, and imports.
    Bug fix: “Blank” images should no longer load as thumbnail candidates.
  • 0.1.3 [7-28-2010]:
    Bug fix: Improved CURL Error reporting.
    Bug fix: Fixed issue with non UTF-8 or ASCII encoded sites.
    Bug fix: Fixed issue with CURL and PHP in safe_mode.
  • 0.1.2 [6-14-2010]:
    Initial Public Release


WP Lynx is released under the GNU GPL 2.0 license and comes with absolutely no warranty. By downloading WP Lynx you agree to the terms of the GNU GPL 2.0 license.



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114 thoughts on “WP Lynx

  1. Worked great on my local website but my remote hosting is in safe mode it appears so when scraping I get “CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set”

    Any workarounds? I see a couple kludge scripts on the net but my working site is busy enough without hacking…


    • Prop,

      PHP safe_mode, figures. Well, in the SVN trunk I have something that will try to auto detect safe_mode and switch the “CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION” setting for curl. Note that if the site uses redirects WP Lynx will produce undesired results. The only real solution is to not use PHP safe_mode, which isn’t necessary on a properly configured server. Anyways, let me know if the SVN trunk version solves the issue.

      -John Havlik

    • Seren,

      If you get an array for a error, that means there were multiple errors (not a usual occurrence). Can you try the SVN Trunk version, I changed the error reporting code so that it will vardump the array. Let me know what the output is with that.

      -John Havlik

        • Seren,

          Have you ever had issues with your CURL setup? I’m going to have to do more research on this, but it looks like CURL is giving an error when it doesn’t need to (or is receiving an error it can’t report/handle for some reason).

          -John Havlik

          • hi John,

            no probs until now. so the error means that the array is empty?
            curl is .. uhm … perl? php? …? setup? where?
            maybe – or how – can i test my setup?

            sry, i’m no programmer, just an enduser :-(

            thx in advance

          • aaahhhh

            sry … php5-curl was not installed on the server :-)
            didn’t know … it’s an extra module for php

            so, got it now, thx a lot for the hints :-)

            works great now


  2. Is it really too much to demo or screen shot the final product. Not once was I able to figure out what on Earth this plug in actually did. I’m not going to install it and waste time to find out if it’s something I’d use. Why do so many developers feel like once the product works for them it’s done. They’d save everyone and themselves a bunch of time with proper documentation and examples of how to use the software.

    • Monkey,

      Please don’t troll, you’d save everyone and yourself a bunch of time by providing feedback in a more constructive manner. There is a demo of the working output in the Introduction section of this page. And, there are screen shots and instructions on how to use the plugin in the Basic Usage section. Is there anything else you’d like to have explained?

      -John Havlik

  3. I’m getting the error array on links I try to post from YouTube and a link from HuffPost showed over a dozen options for the thumbnail image, but all of them were blank (in composition and after publish). This is a fresh install of WP 3.01 and WP Lynx is the only plugin activated.

    • duncan,

      Are you getting something like “Warning: array_combine() [function.array-combine]: Both parameters should have at least 1 element in wp-content/plugins/wp-lynx/llynx_scrape.php on line 133”? I’m seeing this with Youtube stuff, as for Huffpo (horribly biased site, btw) everything seems to work for me (no errors). However, there are a few 1×1 size gif images, which means my size tester isn’t working for them (I’ll look into it).

      -John Havlik

  4. That’s exactly the array error I see.

    As for the other, I seem to be able to grab the top story on HuffPost, now, too, and selecting at least one of the pictures as the thumbnail works correctly. I’m sure I saw the user I’m supporting getting blank (maybe 1 px) images in the thumbnail picker that showed up as a black box in the post.

    • Duncan,

      Can you try out the SVN Trunk version of WP-Lynx? I committed a few changes that should resolve the issue you were experiencing. Let me know if you run into any other issues.

      -John Havlik

    • Duncan,

      The video thumbnails on YouTube are probably smaller than the default minimum scrape size. You’ll need to adjust that in the WP Lynx settings.

      -John Havlik

  5. Super plugin! love it! I had one problem with the “default Lynx Prints styling”. Everything following the ouput in the post was floating around. I fixed it by adding:

    to the end of:

    %s %s %s%s

    In the file:



  6. ha! okay, obviously I can’t add some html tags in here. . .should’ve been paying closer attention!

    so without the html brackets, I added:

    br style=”clear:both;”

    to the end of the “/span /div /div” on line 389 of the wp_lynx.php file – hope that helps.

    • Tyler,

      If you use the html code tags your code will not be stripped ;).

      I’ll look into this and probably include it in the next release (still some time off before that happens).

      -John Havlik

    • Tyler,

      A revision to my previous post, I initially misunderstood what you were saying. I thought it was a CSS styling issue. But after looking at what you actually wrote, it’s not really that, well not exactly that is. You are placing/want to place <br style="clear:both;"> after the </span></div></div> denoting the end of a Lynx print. You can do this in the post editor, though having a way to always do this automatically would be nice, wouldn’t it?

      Depending if I have the time or not in the next day or so, I will be adding a “Lynx print template” option for the next release. This will allow you to set this yourself in the settings page. If it does not make Monday’s release, it will make a release sometime in October/November.

      -John Havlik

  7. Doesn’t work properly. Settings don’t save and get me this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /path/to/my/wp-content/plugins/wp-lynx/wp_lynx.php on line 199

    When I add a link, no thumbnail is loaded. There is only a broken link picture.

    • Jean,

      On the plugin settings page, did you get a red box telling you that your settings were out of date? Did you click the “Migrate now” link? What version of WP Lynx do you have installed?

      Depending on several conditions, WP Lynx may not be able to retrieve thumbnails. Either there are not suitable thumbnails, the site blocks the scraper, or your WordPress install does not have permissions to “upload” files to your wp-content/uploads directory. I need to know the link you tried adding to debug any issues that may be due to WP Lynx in this regard.

      -John Havlik

      • On the plugin settings page, I have no red box that says what you are talking about. I don’t even have default settings in the fields. And when I enter settings, they don’t save and make me the error.

        I tried a lot of links to test de thumbnails. I tried webpages with pictures in it. By example, I used this link of a news site: http://www.cyberpresse.ca/international/dossiers/33-mineurs-coinces-sous-terre/201010/12/01-4331660-cest-mission-accomplie.php

        Before using WP Lynx, I had no problem uploading files with any of the functions of WordPress or any plugin.

        • Jean,

          What version of WP Lynx are you using? You should have gotten the red box if the settings are not valid. To generate the default values for the settings, press the Import/Export/Reset tab, next to the help tab, and on the drop down press the Reset button.

          I checked the link and it’s works just fine on my testbed, so it is not an issue with that. I’m guessing the lack of settings is causing the issue. The reason you can’t save them when there were no defaults is due to the way settings are saved, they must be registered first, and in this case the install script is not being run to register them. The settings reset outlined above should resolve that.

          -John Havlik

          • I have the latest WP Lynx version (0.2.0). I had no red box… but I have reset the settings in the Import/Export/Reset tab (which should be placed elsewhere more evident because I didn’t know it was there). Now it works very well.Thanks!

  8. I’m getting the following error on updating the settings page:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\localhost\test\wordpresslive\wp-content\plugins\wp-lynx\wp_lynx.php on line 199

    • Greg,

      Follow the instructions I gave Jean above. That should fix the issue. Also, if you don’t mind answering, what method did you use to install WP Lynx (completely within WordPress, or downloaded it from WordPress.org and FTP uploaded the files to your site)?

      -John Havlik

  9. Warning: strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in H:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-admin\includes\media.php on line 310

    when I click on “Add a Lynx Print”
    Installed via WordPress, version 020. My WP is v301

    • Leslie,

      Have you checked your settings page for WP Lynx? If the settings are blank you need to follow the instructions given to Jean (a few comments up). If that fixes it, then I have it fixed in the SVN trunk and will release 0.2.1 before Thursday. There was a typo that caused the installer code to not work properly.

      -John Havlik

  10. First visit, but it would be cool if the links would be shortened/Tinyurl’d or similar, so that one could obscure referral links, in other words links to affiliate sites that you have registered with.

    • Helmar,

      Was there any particular way you would like to have this implemented? For example, do you want it implemented as an option in the settings page, or as something you can select between on the Link Print adding page?

      -John Havlik

  11. Abosolutely love this plug-in! I’m working on programming it more throughout my site, but I’ve run into one little bug, not sure if its fixable or not, but when I choose a thumb image that is a portrait pic instead of a landscape pic, WP Lynx automatically stretches out the portrait thumb into a landscape thumb. Is there anyway to fix this via the settings or do I have to manually go in and modify the HTML code?


    Thanks for your help!

    • Kyle,

      What are you using for your settings in WP Lynx? Specifically, is “Crop Image” checked? If so what is your “Maximum Image Width” and “Maximum Image Height” values? I think I have seen this issue before, just need to get around to figuring out what triggers it.

      -John Havlik

        • Kyle,

          I found the offender, it was something in the default CSS styling that I ship with WP Lynx. Specifically, the CSS for .llynx_print img should have max-width:20% instead of width:20%. This is now fixed in the SVN trunk and will be in the next release (0.3.0).

          -John Havlik

  12. When I open a link from within the “Add a Lynx Print” window, I am able to see a thumbnail and an excerpt. However, even though the window indicates that there are multiple thumbnail available (e.g., “1/25”), I am unable to scroll through them by clicking the arrow button. I have the same problem with the paragraph excerpts. Everything else seems to be working fine.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks for what appears to be a great plugin–and a very useful idea.

        • Daniel,

          For the second link, the first image it finds is a blank image, but the other’s are valid. I will need to work on a way to eliminate blank images. Apart from that, both links seem to work properly on my testbed.

          Since the image and paragraph switcher use JavaScript, you’ll need to make sure that is enabled. This may be a browser compatibility issue. I have tested this with Firefox IE8, and Arora (webkit based browser like Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari) and they all seem to work. What browser are you using?

          -John Havlik

          • John, I’ve tried this with IE8, Firefox, and Chrome. Same problem in all of them. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled Java. Still having the problem.

            From within the “Add a Lynx Print” window, I’ve tried changing the excerpt text manually (by cut and paste) since I can’t do so by using the scroll buttons. After doing so, clicking the “Insert in Post” button results in the “Add a Lynx Print” window going blank and nothing else happening. I have no clue if this is relevant to the issue, but perhaps it indicates a compatibility issue.

            I’ll start disabling plugins to see if there is a conflict and let you know what I discover.

          • Daniel,

            Java is different from JavaScript, JavaScript is something that every browser automatically supports (it is built in, not a plugin). Regardless, if you are experiencing the issue in Firefox and Chrome, then that means some how your configuration is behaving differently than mine.

            The issue with the window going blank does help me here (more information is always good). What I think you should do is try a settings reset. Go to the settings page for WP Lynx. In the upper right hand corner there will be a tab labeled “Import/Export/Reset”, it will be next to a tab labeled “Help”, click on it. On the drop down, click on the “Reset” button. This will reset your settings for WP Lynx to the “safe” defaults. Now see if the issues persist.

            -John Havlik

  13. John, ah, thanks for the explanation about JavaScript. JavaScript is enabled in all my browsers.

    I reset the settings as you suggested with no change in the problem I was having with the blank window.

    I should have done this sooner … Tried the plugin on another WP site; it works perfectly. Not sure what the issue is on the original site. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the plugin but continue to have the issue. There may be a problem in my WP install. I’ll get it working yet. :)

    Thanks for a great plugin. It’s certainly worth a few coins in the tip jar!

    • Daniel,

      If it is just on that one install, check to see what the differences are between the two installs (e.g. theme, plugins, WP version, etc.). This could be a plugin conflict. Check to see what plugins are different between the two installs; try deactivating them and see if it starts working correctly.

      Lastly, thanks for the tip jar donation.

      -John Havlik

  14. This is the exact plugin I have been looking for and I am dying to get it running but I have run into a bit of a snag during installation.

    When I have installed the plugin and I go to Settings->WP Lynx it warns me that “Your plugin install is incomplete. Complete now.” I click complete now it says “Settings successfully saved. Undo” but none of the default settings have been configured and it continues to tell me my plugin install is incomplete.

    If I attempt to set a setting, for example I check off Default Style and put in 100 x 100 for image width and height and I hit save changes, I get this error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-lynx/wp_lynx.php on line 216

    Warning: array_diff_key() [function.array-diff-key]: Argument #2 is not an array in ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-lynx/wp_lynx.php on line 247

    Note: it gives me absolute path, but I have removed the extra path bits and replaced them with a ~ to preserve privacy.

    Any ideas?


    • Rob,

      This is caused by the same underlying issue that Breadcrumb NavXT has had. What you need to do is a settings reset for WP Lynx.

      Go to the WP Lynx settings page. Click on the “Import/Export/Reset” tab in the upper right hand portion of the screen. In the dropdown, click the button labeled “Reset”.

      Then all of the default settings should be prepopulated, and the plugin should be ready to go.

      -John Havlik

      • I’m getting the same error, “Your plugin install is incomplete. Complete now.” But with the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin. And when I click Complete now, nothing happens (Blank Page). Additionally, I don’t have the option to “Import/Export/Reset”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        I’m currently on WP 3.2 attempting to use the Breadcrumb NavXT 3.9.0 plugin.

        Sam R.

        • Sam,

          This is the wrong page for Breadcrumb NavXT issues. Please make a comment describing the issue in the post announcing the release of Breadcrumb NavXT 3.9.0.

          -John Havlik

      • I have the same problem. I’m getting these errors:

        Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ~/wp-content/plugins/wp-lynx/wp_lynx.php on line 216

        Warning: array_diff_key() [function.array-diff-key]: Argument #2 is not an array in ~/wp-content/plugins/wp-lynx/wp_lynx.php on line 247

        When I click on Import/Export/Reset, nothing happens; I get no further options.

        I installed manually through the cPanel.

        • Chelsea,

          As discussed below, you may want to try the SVN trunk version (uses the new WordPress 3.3 help tab system). The inport/export/reset form is now under the help tab in the SVN trunk version (will be 0.4.0, but I need to reach some milestones on a side project first).

          -John Havlik

    • I don’t exactly understand the issue. Just open the post/page edit page in the dashboard and press the Lynx Print icon.

      If you are asking about the frontend editor that P2 has, which is the same as allowing Lynx Prints in comments, it is not supported yet.

      -John Havlik

  15. I upgraded to WordPress 3.2.1 and found that the WP Lynx plugin does not work properly in the editor. It hangs and its window will not close. I am quite happy working with the older version of WordPress 3.1.2, so I rolled back to a previous backup, but if I don’t upgrade soon enough I will be exposed to malware injections… Any solutions?

    • Fotis,

      That doesn’t sound right. On this site, which is running WordPress 3.2.1, I have no issues inserting lynx prints into posts. There has to be some other conflict. Note that I am talking about the normal editor, not the full screen/destraction-free writing screen/editor.

      -John Havlik

  16. So I disabled all plugins and reinstalled WordPress 3.2.1 But with only WP Lynx active, I keep getting this: Your plugin install is incomplete. Complete now.”

    When I click to complete, it just returns again with blank fields in all the settings…. If I try to save any changes I get two fatal errors from wp_lynx.php…

    WordPress 3.2.1 apparently had a problem with JavaScript, and a patch was quickly released, but somehow still not 100% compatable…

    • Fotis,

      For some reason your server is not behaving correctly, as the “Complete now” link should setup the WP Lynx settings for you. Since that is not working, what you can do is a settings reset, and that will solve the issue. On the WP Lynx settings page, click the “Import/Export/Reset” button, it should be next to the “help” button in the upper side of the screen. A form should drop down, click the “Reset” button. Now you should be able to modify your settings.

      -John Havlik

    • Rob,

      Was this on a new install? If so, go to the settings page you probably will have to give some of them values (will be greeted with a “your settings are out of date” message).

      Right now I do not recommend using the SVN version, there are a few bugs in it that I know about but haven’t had time to dig into the causes. With version 0.3.0, I can retrieve that link on this site, but on my testbed with the SVN trunk version I’m having a timeout issue/no error message but not working issue.

      -John Havlik

  17. John,

    Yes this is a new install.. I switched back to 0.3.0 I tried to enter the settings and I get an error that says some setting were not saved
    The following settings were not saved:
    Please include this message in your bug report.

    • Rob,

      Look for the Import/Export/Reset tab in the upper right hand corner of the WP Lynx settings page, next to the help tab. Press it, then click the “Reset” button in the drop down. That should setup the settings to the proper defaults.

      -John Havlik

  18. I love this plugin! But I am having a couple of problems:

    a) I have tried to change the CSS so that there is no border in the default Lynx styling, but cannot get rid of it.

    b) Is there a way of scraping two paragraphs at a time? So I could get the first two blocks of text on a scraped page.

    Many thanks!

  19. Hi John,

    I also experienced the problems with settings not showing/saving after installing.

    So I tried the “On the WP Lynx settings page, click the “Import/Export/Reset” button, it should be next to the “help” button in the upper side of the screen. A form should drop down, click the “Reset” button. Now you should be able to modify your settings.”. Problem is: clicking Import/Export/Reset does not show the form (nothing happens, help works).

    Any Idea?

    WP 3.3.1 – Lynx 0.3.0

      • Thanks John,

        I’ll give it a try.

        Another question: Have you ever thought of implementing OpenGraph tags? Being: Instead of trying to scrape from the content take the info directly from the og:tags. That would be a killer! (might even insert links to youtube fb-style).

      • hi john,

        Testing the SVN trunk version as the stable version WP Lynx 0.3.0 is giving me problems in the Import/Export/Reset ( does nothing when i hit it ) and give me some php errors when i try to set the setting manually.

        For the SVN trunk version it works ok when I post a link – great!

        For the admin panel is there any way to change the settings without having to work the xml file outside the wp admin?

        The message:
        Your settings are out of date. Migrate now.
        is always appearing even after i reset to defaults.. !?


        Also as Stefan said “Another question: Have you ever thought of implementing OpenGraph tags? That would be a killer!”

        Many thanks,

      • All,

        I wrote a quick roadmap for WP Lynx for 2012 last Thursday. Facebook “Open Graph” support is slated for 0.5 (some time mid to late May). I want to get 0.4 out soon (next week), so adding any additional features is out of the question for now.

        -John Havlik

  20. Thanks – a really useful plug-in. Can you think of a way I could implement it on a user generated post page? Seems a shame to keep it all to myself! Similar to a Facebook wall where they could put in the link & add some comments… I’d like my community to be able to recommend items easily to each other.

  21. Hello,

    This sounded like a really useful plugin for writing up the 2012 summary if only it had worked…

    I found the paw, I write the URLs, I press Get, I do get the thumbnails and text but when I press insert absolutely nothing happens.

    Any guesses or suggestions? Or should I just bin the plug-in and write the summary the traditional way?

    • Have you visited the settings page for the plugin, and at a minimum pressed “Save Changes”? I just confirmed that the plugin still works on WordPress 3.5 (and this site). The most common issue is the settings being borked.

      -John Havlik

  22. Hi, I love this plugin, but I was wondering if it would be possible to make it work with the buddypress activity streams.


    • Hi Angel,

      In its current form it probably will not work in the BuddyPress activity streams (It may be possible but it’d require a bit of work). However, I’m in the middle of a major reorganization/rewrite of the plugin. When I’m done the Lynx Print adding interface will be moved to backbone.js (the same framework the WordPress 3.5 media interface is based off of), this will be more flexable and allow the Lynx Print interface to be placed in spots other than just the post edit page.

      The end goal is to provide better integration with both WordPress and BuddyPress. The 0.7 release will feature the first round of rewrites, and hopefully will be released before the end of June. By early July, the deeper BuddyPress integration will hopefully be tested and ready.

      -John Havlik

      • That’s great to hear. I do have a suggestion, it would be great if we could specify a separate layout for when no image is included. as it stands right now, if there is no image, then you just get a big black spot on one side. Maybe this could be fixed by just adding a default image placeholder. Just a thought.

        Keep up the amazing work, I look forward to seeing your next iteration.

  23. John,
    I really love this plug-in. However, it recently stopped working. It no longer “inserts”. I have disabled all of my site plugins but it still did not work. Please help me. I really heavily on this awesome plugin. Thanks!


    • Terrence,

      What version of WordPress are you using, and what version of this plugin are you using? Ensure that you are not using the development version of WP Lynx as multiple areas are being rewritten (so that it can be used on the frontend in addition to the post edit screen) and is known to be broken. I just tried the current version on this site (WP Lynx 0.6.0 + WordPress 3.5.2) and I did not have any issues inserting a Lynx Print.

      -John Havlik

    • Thanks for reporting that. It appears the lynx print insertion broke some time around WordPress 4.2. I’ll look into this and release a fixed version within the next two weeks.

      -John Havlik

    • After additional investigation, my initial conclusion was incorrect. WP Lynx does still work on WP 4.2.2. Though the insert may take a little while to complete, it does still work. The bigger problem is a lack of indication that the operation is still ongoing, something I will look into.

      Is there something specific that isn’t working for you?

      -John Havlik

    • Yes, WP Lynx should work in multisite setups. Just note that WP Lynx does not have a global network admin settings page, so settings will be on a per subsite basis.

      -John Havlik

  24. I’ve installed WP Lynx on a localhost installation of WordPress (using MAMP on a Mac).

    As an example, I’m trying to scrape http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/08/04/designing-a-html-5-layout-from-scratch/

    When I use the default settings I get the message: ‘name lookup timed out’
    When I change the timeout settings to a higher value (25 seconds for instance) I sometimes get an error: ‘Couldn’t resolve host ‘www.smashingmagazine.com’ but other times I get the same ‘name lookup timed out’

    Any ideas? It comes back with the error so quickly (certainly not 25 seconds) it seems as though it’s not actually connecting past localhost to resolve the address.

    • Scott,

      Yes, you can try the development version over on GitHub, it should work with the latest version of WordPress. Also note that I am aiming to release a new version of WP Lynx next week (trying to get the 5.3.0 release of Breadcrumb NavXT out this week).

      -John Havlik

    • Hi Scott,

      Can you open your browser’s inspector while trying to “Get” they URL for a Lynx Print. Under the Net/Network tab, I’m interested in seeing what the request and response to the POST to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php with the POST field of ‘action’ set to ‘wp_lynx_fetch_url’. On slow servers it may take awhile for a response since the server has to do the URL fetching, processing and then send the data back to the browser.

      -John Havlik

      • I made a little progress, but it is still not working. I disabled PHP’s open_basedir protection for the site. Now when I try to get some URLs, I get:

        SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property ‘hasOwnProperty’ of undefined or null reference
        wp_lynx.min.js (1,5055)

        On other URls, I think the curl_exec all is hanging.

        • Hi Scott,

          The open_basedir thing is a little concerning since if WP Lynx is having issues with it, you will not be able to use the media uploader either (WP Lynx should be using WP API calls for all file system related stuff). Do you know if CURL works on your PHP install, since it seems that may be the root of this issue? Unfortunately, WP Lynx currently uses techniques that only CURL can do, though maybe that will have to change for the sake of wider compatibility.

          Thanks for digging into this further. The script error sounds like a bug and I’m tracking that in this GitHub issue.

          -John Havlik

          • Can you provide me with a sctipt to test curl independently? I am a developer by trade (c++, not PHP or js) but I am happy to help you debug this as best I can.

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