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WP Trainer - WordPress Powered Fitness

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Download
  3. Supported Devices
  4. Version History and Changelog


WP Trainer is a WordPress 2.7 or new plugin for athletes. Equipped with a supported GPS device, workout tracking is snap. WP Trainer helps manage your (running/cycling) routes, workouts, and track your progress. Think of it as Motionbased for your blog, but better.


Supported Devices

Version History and Changelog

  • 0.1 [??-??-2008]:
    Initial beta release.


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4 thoughts on “WP Trainer

  1. Howdy Vladimir,
    I’ll fix the logo when I get back to my development environment for that plug-in. Thanks for pointing that out, sloppy typing on my part. As for the berry theme, it is not ready for general consumption right now. I only did a prototype layout of its code page based on the Breadcrumb Navigation XT page as to allow for consistency for the plug-ins and themes I develop. Blu-Berry, the first iteration of Berry will, most likely, not be released to the public. Blu-Berry is sort of a proof-of-concept. The second iteration will be released to the public. However, that will be the spring of 2008, in time for the May refresh.

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