Berry - WordPress Theme

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Download
  3. Installation
  4. Basic Usage
  5. Version History and Changelog
  6. License


Berry is a WordPress 2.5 theme that aims to be light, fast, and highly-customizable. Codename Cran-Berry is a theme with a red color scheme and will be the first Berry release for public consumption. Berry theme screen shot


Latest Testing Release: Cran-Berry Build 200


  1. Download the theme zip archive, see Download section.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip archive into your plugins folder (wp-content/themes).
  3. Select the theme in the administration panel under the presentation section.
  4. Continue onto the Usage section.


Berry depends on these plug-ins in order to look as appears on this blog:

Note: The starred plug-ins are distributed with this theme and contain modifications not present in the official versions. Upgrading to the official versions of the plug-in will cause unexpected results. Modified plug-ins contain the version number ‘9999’ and are supported as part of the theme. Do not request help with them from the official plug-in author, instead make all inquires in the comments section of this page.

Version History and Changelog

  • .99 (Build 200) (Codename: Cran-Berry) [2-27-2010]:
    New Feature: Support up through WP2.9.
    New Feature: Threaded comment support.
    New Feature: Sidebar widget available.
    Bug Fix: Updated function calls to external plugins.
  • .9 (Build 100) (Codename: Cran-Berry) [5-2-2008]:
    Initial public release


Berry is released under the GNU GPL 2.0 license and comes with absolutely no warranty. Portions licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License. These portions include the mini-icons from the Tango icon set. By downloading Berry you agree to the terms of the GNU GPL 2.0 and CC By-SA licenses.



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32 thoughts on “Berry

  1. manu,

    Berry will not be released until the last week of April, at the earliest as I’m shooting for the 1st of May. I have a page skeleton that I use for all my code pages which allows for quick jumping between sections. The download link you see just jumps to the download section, which at this time is empty as there are no downloads available yet. When the theme is released I will post details on it in my blog and place a link in it and on this page.

    -John Havlik

  2. Alright John, I’ll wait for you to release Berry.

    Till then can you help me implement Breadcrumbs on the theme I’m using right now. I enabled the core version and placed the required code right after the navigation bar, on refreshing the page all I got was a blank page.

    Also, when I try enabling the version with the administration interface(I’m using WP 2.5), I get the following error:


    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ARRAY, expecting ‘&’ or T_VARIABLE or T_CONST in /domains/10869/web/wp-content/plugins/breadcrumb-navxt/breadcrumb_navxt_admin.php on line 653

  3. manu,

    You are probably running PHP4. What you need to do it replace function bcn_select_options($optionname, array $options) with function bcn_select_options($optionname, $options). Breadcrumb NavXT 2.1.1 will have this fix in it.

    -John Havlik

  4. Tepisor,

    Thanks for pointing that out (I usually use the underscore instead of dash). It’s fixed now.

    -John Havlik

  5. Hi,

    I am using your cran-berry theme, it is really nice. I have a question regarding “hr” in .css. I changed the border to be a dotted line and I discovered a second solid line underneath is. I tried to figure out where the second rule is coming from, but it just won’t go away, even when I remove all of the .css.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Ray,

    The HR element is kinda flaky, you have to kill all boarders in CSS then add just one of them, typically the bottom. Make sure that you use the following if you want a dashed line:
    margin: 0;
    border: none;
    border-top: 1px dashed #8b2727;

    I verified that code works. You may find it beneficial to grab the CSS file I am using on my blog here as an update to Berry as I have not released an updated archive file yet.

    -John Havlik

  7. Ray,

    Well since you’ve modified your CSS a direct grab won’t work so well for you. However, some of the CSS for the sidebar and for the comment form has been updated/changed which you may want to look through and selectively include.

    -John Havlik

  8. Hello
    I get a error message.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function breadcrumb_nav_xt_display() in /web/se/ on line 33

    Any idéa on how to solve this?
    I have installed Breadcrumb NavXT, Related Posts, WP-PageNavi.

      • Hi I have the same problem
        Fatal error: Call to undefined function breadcrumb_nav_xt_display() in /home/a7921374/public_html/wp-content/themes/berry/header.php on line 33,

        how you solved i can not find the solution in FAQ’S

        • Diego,

          Yeah, the problem is due to a way out of date call in the theme. Due to time I haven’t updated the .zip file with a more modern version of berry yet. I may get a chance tomorrow to get together a new Berry package based off of what’s actually running on this blog.

          In the mean time, to resolve your issue, replace the old calling code with:

          -John Havlik

        • Diego,

          It looks like the “build relations” menu is not there in newer WordPress’. And it looks like the plugin author’s site is gone. Hmm…

          -John Havlik

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