Welcome to my code page. This is the landing page for all of my coding projects. Featured projects will make their way to the list on this page. All projects are listed on the side bar featured or not. Most projects are released under the GNU GPL 2.0, however some may have different licenses. Please read the license portion of a project page for details on the license for the respective code.


  • Breadcrumb NavXT The successor to Breadcrumb Navigation XT, originally developed by Michael Woehrer, this WordPress plugin adds a breadcrumb navigation bar to any WordPress 2.5+ blog. Breadcrumb navigation makes websites more accessible for humans, especially in the presence of deep linking.
  • WP Lynx Sick of the same old boring links? Want to mimic Facebook’s wall links in your WordPress posts? WP Lynx allows you to do just that.


I have integrated Git into my primary development flow, and use GitHub for hosting my miscellaneous WordPress plugins and PHP snippets. Checkout my GitHub profile.


I use Eclipse+PDT and KDevelop as my IDEs for developing WordPress plugins and themes. Both have awesome Git integration, and I have WordPress setup as a library (so that I get code hinting, autocomplete, and nice PHPDoc tooltips). Some projects, especially all of the ones on GitHub have Aptana and/or Eclipse project files included, you should be able to import these if you wish. I always develop against WordPress trunk, on a local server running PHP7.1.