Comment Code Filter

Hate having to manually sanitize code placed in comments? This plugin eliminates the need to manually enter HTML entities for anything in between <code> and </code>.

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Download
  3. Installation
  4. Basic Usage
  5. Version History and Changelog
  6. License


Comment Code Filter is a WordPress plugin compatible with WordPress 2.6 and up. This plugin will extract the contents between <code> and </code> in comments and run them through htmlentities().


Latest Stable Release: Comment Code Filter 0.0.1


  1. Download the plugin zip archive, see Download section.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip archive into your plugins folder (wp-content/plugins).
  3. Enable the plugin in the administration panel under the plugins section.
  4. Continue onto the Basic Usage section.

Basic Usage

Simply navigate activate Comment Code Filter, and it automatically works its magic.

Version History and Changelog

  • 0.0.1 [10-25-2008]:
    Initial release.


Comment Code Filter is released under the GNU GPL 2.0 license and comes with absolutely no warranty. By downloading Comment Code Filter you agree to the terms of the GNU GPL 2.0 license.



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