Worldwide WordPress 5k with the MSPWUG


Today, a few members of the MSP WordPress user group got together to participate in the Automattic Worldwide WordPress 5k run/walk/jog (and maybe I arrived a little late). The planning was a little last minute, and all week the forecast had it raining today. So we were quite lucky to actually get a group of 5 to participate and have it only feel like a humid summer morning with a gusting wind from south.

Above is the route I ran (run #3 for the season). Starting at the band shell, I ran around lake Harriet, counter clockwise (like anyone who has ran around a track would). Since, the loop around lake Harriet is only about 2.8 miles, I continued past the band shell for another .15 miles before heading back to the band shell.

I noticed two things about running around the lake. First off, it is rather flat around lake Harriet, which is a bit of a change from the somewhat hilly area I live in. I’d provide elevation numbers from my Forerunner 305, however, I noticed it is horribly inaccurate (on run #2 this year it had me climbing in elevation when I was actually going down hill).  The second is there are far more people running/walking around the lakes in Minneapolis than just about anywhere out in the suburbs.

-John Havlik

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4 thoughts on “Worldwide WordPress 5k with the MSPWUG

    • You had an entire week ;). But, there is always next year, as it is going to be an annual event. We had several people in the MSP area that didn’t know about it either, or had scheduling conflicts (could have easily had double the number of participants in our group).

      -John Havlik

  1. Great roundup about our awesome run around the lake!

    One thing…You forgot to include props to the delicious post-race ice-cream…. :)

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