Breadcrumb NavXT Menu Magic 2.3

Introducing Breadcrumb NavXT Menu Magic 2.3. This release changes the way the menu used for the breadcrumb trail is selected. Since this plugin’s inception, there has been a “Use Menu” setting under the Menu Magic section of the Breadcrumb NavXT settings page. Starting with version 2.3, this setting has been deprecated. In its place, a new menu location is now registered by Menu Magic, the Breadcrumb NavXT Menu Magic Menu location.

Now, to select the menu for Breadcrumb NavXT to use for generating the breadcrumb trail, visit the WordPress Menu editor. Select the menu you wish to use, and near the bottom of the page in the Menu Settings, make sure for the Display location “Breadcrumb NavXT Menu Magic Menu” is checked.

Lastly, some changes were made to the admin licensing manger. Several of the response messages were previously incorrect and have been fixed. Additionally, a “force key deactivation” method for situations where the site has been migrated to a new URL and key deactivation fails was added.

Users with valid and activated license keys should receive an update notification within the WordPress dashboard and be able to use the update mechanism to update (just like with any plugin in the repository). If you run into any issues, please open a support ticket.

-John Havlik

Breadcrumb NavXT 7.2.0

Holy network setting page updates Batman! This version features several improvements to the Breadcrumb NavXT settings page for multisite/network mode WordPress installs. Settings that may be overridden by network wide settings are now individually identified. On the fixes front, the help menu works again in the network settings page, as does the settings import/export/reset form.

Beyond the network settings page, PHP8.1 support has been improved. Additionally, the source of PHP errors caused by unexpected members of the WP_Post_Types array has been fixed. On the new feature front, a new filter, bcn_display_separator was introduced.

Lastly, the behavior of the settings reset form has changed, it now clears the database option rather than sorting the defaults. This is now consistent with the behavior introduced in 7.0 where only non-default settings values are saved.

-John Havlik