Breadcrumb NavXT 7.3.0

Holy revamped block Batman! Introduced originally in 6.3.0, the Breadcrumb Trail block has been rewritten in 7.3.0 to have feature parity with the Breadcrumb NavXT widget. This includes the ability to set the breadcrumb output order, output format, and whether or not the breadcrumbs are linked. Additionally, basic styling support via the editor was added.

On the bugfix front, the settings export/import function was updated to fix issues with handling boolean settings. Previously, if a boolean had a default value of ‘true’ it’s value would get lost in the export/import process. The recently introduced $outer_template parameter for the bcn_display() functions now actually works (it accidentally was dropped). display_json_ld() now produces unescaped Unicode JSON, which is easier to read (and given JSON is supposed to be Unicode text, escaping Unicode didn’t make sense). Lastly, a couple of data sanity checks are performed to reduce PHP warnings and errors when 3rd party code breaks the WordPress API.

-John Havlik