Breadcrumb NavXT Title Trixx and Menu Magic

As promised earlier this week, I am announcing the first two Breadcrumb NavXT premium extensions today. They are Breadcrumb NavXT Title Trixx and Breadcrumb NavXT Menu Magic. Both plugins will require Breadcrumb NavXT 5.0, which will be released around the end of September/early October. Purchases will come with 1 year of free updates. Support and pricing has yet to be determined.

Breadcrumb NavXT Title Trixx

Breadcrumb NavXT Title Trixx allows users to specify a custom title for any post’s (as in any post type) breadcrumb. It features integration with All in One SEO Pack, taking the SEO title if it exists. If All in One SEO Pack is not activated on the current WordPress install, an “Alternate Title” meta box will be available on all post edit screens. The initial version of this plugin complete and will be released upon the launch of the Breadcrumb NavXT Extensions Store.

Breadcrumb NavXT Menu Magic

Breadcrumb NavXT Menu Magic allows users to specify a WordPress Menu for Breadcrumb NavXT to follow for both titles and hierarchy for resources (posts, taxonomy terms, archives, etc). If the current item is not found in the menu, Breadcrumb NavXT will fall back to its default behavior. This extension is currently in development, an initial proof of concept is functional, however a bit of work is still required. As with Breadcrumb NavXT Title Trixx, Breadcrumb NavXT Menu Magic will be available upon the launch of the Breadcrumb NavXT Extensions Store.

-John Havlik

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  1. The ability to be able to use the menu names would be a great addition. Especially to me as my tittles can be very long which leaves me with the only option to limit the character out put. My deep cleaning site would benefit from this greatly. Any news on development or if you need a beta tester please let me know.


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