EOL Announcement

As of July 1st, 2010, Mtekk’s Testimonials and Iframe-B-Gone will reach EOL. The last time either of these plugins were updated was back in 2008. Since that time, much has changed and equivalent plugins have been released by other authors.

In the case of Iframe-B-Gone, the WordPress Exploit Scanner by Donncha O Caoimh is a all around better solution. It has more features, and does just about everything Iframe-B-Gone does, minus attempting to autofix issues—a stupidly dangerous thing to do, by the way.

As for Mtekk’s Testimonials, it needs a substantial overhaul with the advent of custom posts. There is also the problem that it uses mootools while just about everything else in WordPress uses jQuery. At the moment I am not interested in rewriting this plugin. In the future, if the need arises, this plugin may get rewritten, but I doubt it will be this year.

Both of these plugins will remain available into the foreseeable future. However, I will no longer support them after July 1st, 2010. All of the plugins about to be EOLed have been moved to the “Historical” subpage of “Code”, and will have their comments closed on their EOL date.

-John Havlik

[end of transmission, stay tuned]